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UPCOMING • 27-31.05.21
PROFECI at 71st ICA Annual Conference
The PROFECI Team will present four papers at the 71st ICA Annual Conference (Virtual Conference).
UPCOMING • 06-09.09.21
PROFECI at ECREA 8th European Communication Conference
The PROFECI Team will present its conceptualization of projection anchors at the 8th European Communication Conference in Braga, Portugal.
PUBLICATION • 10.12.20
First PROFECI Publication available Open Access in Journalism
In the first formal journal publication, the PROFECI Team explores the complexity of trust between the media and their audiences. The article is available Open Access.
PROFECI at ECPR General Conference
The PROFECI Team presented insights on the role of religion in political projection at the 14th ECPR General Conference, August 2020.
RESEARCH • 13.08.20
PROFECI to Study Projections in Covid-19 Pandemic
The PROFECI Team updated its comparative case study design to include projections regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and their implications for public and political responses.
PRESENTATION • 21-25.05.20
PROFECI at ICA's First Virtual Conference
The PROFECI Team presented the latest findings from the conceptual stage at the 70th International Communication Association Annual Conference, 21-25 May 2020.
RESEARCH • 17.05.20
PROFECI completes its fieldwork for Phase I
After 3 consecutive elections in the course of 18 months, Israel has a government again, and the PROFECI team can finally wrap up its fieldwork for the first project stage.
Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt speaks at the University of Zurich
Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt presented PROFECI's conceptual framework and early results from the Israeli elections at the IKMZ Speaker Series at the University of Zurich.
NEWS • 18.12.19
Hanukka-Christmas-Winter-Party at the ERC Lab!
The PROFECI and Digital Values teams wish you Happy Holidays!
RESEARCH • 11.12.19
PROFECI is back in the field, again
As Israel is heading toward the third round of elections in a row, the PROFECI team is back in the field, adding an 8th and 9th round to the survey.
JOBS • 24.11.19
PROFECI is looking to hire an Arabic speaker [Position filled]
We are looking to recruit an Arabic speaking Post-Doctoral Fellow to join the PROFECI team and take charge of studying future projections in the Syrian Civil War.
Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt speaks at the University of Haifa
PROFECI PI Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt presented first results from the analysis of affective forecasting in the Israeli elections at a Conference at the University of Haifa.
TEAM • 01.11.19
Welcome to Bat-sheva Hass!
We are delighted to welcome Bat-sheva Hass, who is joining the PROFECI and Digital Values teams as ERC administrator.
NEWS • 01.10.19
Social Sciences ERC Lab opened!
Our new lab at the Hebrew University's Faculty of Social Sciences is officially opened! Cheers and good luck to the entire PROFECI team, as well as our lab mates of the Digital Values ERC project!
TEAM • 01.09.19
Welcome to Maximilian Overbeck!
We are excited to welcome Maximilian Overbeck, who is joining the PROFECI team as a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on the computational analysis of textual projections.
RESEARCH • 31.05.19
PROFECI is back in the field
As Israel is heading toward the second round of elections, the PROFECI team is back in the field for more focus group meetings, additional interviews, and a 5th, 6th, and 7th wave of the survey.
RESEARCH • 17.02.19
PROFECI is in the field
We are commencing our empirical fieldwork! With five focus groups, to be reconvened three times, a panel survey, and individual interviews scheduled, we are looking forward to gathering rich and exciting data.
NEWS • 01.02.19
It's a Go!
The PROFECI team is officially taking up its work! Stay tuned for fascinating analyses and new insights into the social dynamics of public projections!